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Fitness and Sport Evolution caters to YOU.  Whether you’re a professional athlete, a recreationalist or ready to start an exercise program for the first time . . . reaching your goal is important.


Training & Coaching


Fitness and Sport Evolution's philosophy is based on the performance pyramid that identifies weaknesses in the areas of flexibility, stability, mobility, and movement patterns to help us rebuild our bodies to be as effective as possible in our athletic performance or every day lives.

In my 15+ years of training and being an athlete myself, I have found great success in building a strong foundation FIRST.  The exercises at the beginning aren't considered the "glamorous or glory-seeking" exercises you hear about all the time from your friends, like "dude, I deadlifted 450 lbs today" or "I PR'd my Bench Press today, man".  Instead the exercises I have found to build a solid, stable and strong body are simple exercises that some people might even be "embarrassed" to practice in the gym . . . but they are 110% effective IF you just do them - for beginners AND athletes.  The programming I offer takes your movement, any injuries, weaknesses and strengths and puts them into a structured, easy to follow program that maximizes stability, strength, power, endurance, injury prevention, and recovery.


Phase One:  Stabilization/Corrective Exercises

Most people have accumulated a number of flexibility, mobility and stability issues over their lifetimes due to injuries, repetitive stress, and trauma. We identify these issues and resolve these limitations via movement and flexibility assessments, stretching and corrective exercises.  This is the foundation of the triangle.  We work on resolving your body's weaknesses, joint stiffness, muscle tightness, and posture.  Only with resolving this, can you successfully move up in the triangle.  Depending on your fitness or sports goals, this "foundational" training can be the only part of the performance triangle you work on (at least for awhile) OR you can master this level and continue to progress upward on the triangle.  But listen:  "we don't build if there is a crack in the foundation or weakness of any kind!"


Phase Two:  Strength Training

Once you have mastered full range of motion and are injury-free, we move into the strength training and muscle development phase.  I take a look at your goals and accordingly program exercises that work on muscle hypertrophy, muscle endurance, balance, and coordination.  Again, if this is your goal to reach, we can spend months here before moving up the performance triangle.


Phase Three:  Power

Everyone needs power training.  Young, old, athletes . . . if you have a good, solid foundation, YOU ARE READY!  Power is defined as, "being able to move or travel with great speed or force ".  Obviously, we see how athletes would benefit from this, but how about everyone else?  How about playing with your kids or grandkids?  Or catching a heavier object as it falls to the floor?  Or catching yourself as you trip over something.  There are many, many ways that we ALL need some power training in our programming.  The only difference between the average person and the athlete is the level of intensity that we train.

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Fitness and Sport Evolution specializes in both fitness training and sports coaching and conditioning. We are located out of the Columbia River Gorge.


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