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If your current program looks something like this, let me help make it more fun and effective.

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Get yourself into a fitness training routine NOW. Not because it's "bikini" season or "six-pack" season, but because you want to feel good this summer. A "bikini" body is just an awesome result of training to feel good and eating to feel good!

My clients are awesome. Supplying me with good, nutritious foods.


~ Spelt bread and rhubarb!

Paleo Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp


Check out the Recipe!

Anyone have a good, gluten-free rhubarb recipe?


—Heather Herbeck

I have had the pleasure of working with Rush Sturges for over a year to help prepare him for the Whitewater Grand Prix.


This competition is 2 weeks in length and tests some of the top athletes in the sport of kayaking in the most intense


Here's to good lines, determined spirits, fast strokes and endless fun, Rush! We're rooting for ya. Strawberry Mountain Salon. Day Spa. Gym

The new way to work out!

  A little laugh for you. . . .                               


Listen To Your Body


Listening to your body is THE only way to continue progressing in your training program. After a long few days of coaching and competing in Bend, OR for whitewater kayaking and slalom, my body feels pretty run down. Off to do some yoga. Do YOU listen when your body speaks?

Since college, my fitness 'role model' has been Gabrielle Reece. I put magazine photos of her on my fridge to inspire and motivate me to be a strong athlete . . . be just like HER.


When I think about my life, I'm pretty stoked to have fol...lowed closely in her footsteps. I living healthy, playing hard and empowering others. Here is a great article I came across today written by her. Who is YOUR role model? And why? I'd love to hear.





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APRIL 2014

Up at 4:30 a.m. for a morning full of training clients. Let's GET IT! #workout #itsworthit

Topic of the Month

APRIL 2014

One of my athletes headed to Uganda for 3 weeks of training before he heads to Canada to compete in the

Whitewater Grand Prix!

He's been training hard, paddling hard, committed to doing and being his best . . .




Check out what this race is all about. The BEST of the BEST in whitewater kayaking!




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