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Results from the last 12 week Challenge

"Be the best YOU"

12-Week Challenge

September 26 - December 16


Fitness & Sport Evolution (FSE) is shaking things up a bit to prepare you for your BEST 2017!  And, we're not talking WAITING until 2017 to get here to do that.  We are talking NOW, so that you are your BEST when the whistle blows midnight on January 1st, 2017!


Why 12 Weeks and not 6 Weeks like FSE has offered in the past?

6-Week Challenge Goals:

In a 6-Week Challenge it's unlikely that you will lose a significant amount of weight and body fat.  Instead, the point of a 6-Week challenge is to focus on creating quality habits and accomplishing small goals. When you can do this consistently and sustainably in those 6-Weeks, you build up something really freaking powerful within you that will take you into the next step of feeling and seeing significant results in the months ahead.


12-Week Challenge Goals:

*  Weight loss or Weight Gain (depending on your goal)

*  Significant Strength Gains

*  Mobility improvement

*  Improve Sports Performance

*  Develop a healthier relationship with food

*  Find out that exercise can be exciting and FUN!


Will it take hard work?  Heck yeah . . . but, it will be totally worth it.  This challenge is specific to YOUR needs.  So it's designed for beginners through advanced. 


We all need motivation at some point!



Fitness and Sport Evolution (FSE) is launching this 12-week "body transformation" challenge to GET FIT and/or be your best when 2017 rolls in.

You will be invited to a CLOSED Facebook group where you and the other challengers will share, support and encourage each other.  These closed Facebook groups have quickly become famous and a huge part of success!

I will design a unique 12-week exercise regimen and meal plan just for you!  Your meal plan will be suggestions that you may use as a road map for healthier eating and your workouts will be at the gym 2-3 times a week with "homework" assigned for workouts on your own (at home or at the gym)

FSE will post a weekly EXCLUSIVE video for the group with exercises, suggestions, tips, tricks and motivation.  This is your chance to make a difference in your life with some guidance.

You will get just as much out of this Challenge as you put into it!!!!!!



Nutritional guidance - a healthy framework taking into consideration your "likes" and "dislikes".  I am NOT a dietition so this will be a general meal plan that works with your exercise/fitness goals AND your current weight.

Exercise programming that progresses through your 12-Weeks so you can see and feel your weight loss and strength gains. 

*  Fitness Log book that will keep you on track for our check-ins.  You will be expected to document every day during the challenge for accountability purposes.

Initial/Exit interview with before/after photos

Weigh-in's and Body fat every 2 weeks 

*  3 meal plans - You will be given the meal plans at the beginning of the challenge and you can pick which one you want to try from week to week.

Private FB support group sharing cooking tips, demonstrations, education on reading labels and more!

*  ONE Indoor/Outdoor workout every month with ONLY the 12-Week Challenge Tribe.  This will be a unique, fun workout!!!!!  Group Workout dates as follows and will begin at 8:00 a.m.:

     -  October 1st - Challenge Kick-Off Workout Party!!!! 

     -  October 22nd - Halloween Costume Party Workout!

     -  November 19th - Giving Thanks Group Workout

     -  December 17th - Holiday Celebration and End of Challenge Workout!

*  One FREE month at Strawberry Mountain Gym upon completion of the 12-Week Challenge!!!

* 1/2 day fitness photo shoot with Sheer Madness Productions to the WINNER of the 12-week challenge.  Winner is decided upon by physcial appearance, measurements and effort.  I will be the final judge of the winner.  (The photo shoot is valued at $1500 and only available to those who meet with me in the gym 2-3 times a week).



You have the option to meet with your coach 2-3 times a week.  The harder it is for you to motivate, the more I would encourage 3 times a week through this challenge.  Workouts will be designed specifically for you and your fitness/sport goals.  Accountabilty is KEY when learning and reaching for new habits and ultimately a new lifestyle.  The one-on-one sessions give you that!  No excuses, because I'm waiting for you at the gym!


All this support for $60 a session and available to YOU in easy payments:


2 Coaching Sessions per week with Heather (24 sessions):  $1,440 w/o tax OR 6 payments of $240 w/o tax.  


3 Coaching Sessions per week with Heather (36 sessions):  $2,160 w/o tax OR 6 payments of $360 w/o tax.


Online coaching with 3 meal plans and a progressive exercise program that you perform on your own (this includes everything EXCEPT one-on-one sessions 2-3 times a week with your trainer):  $400 w/o tax OR 6 payments of $67 w/o tax.

***  If you would like to add your spouse, please contact me for information and pricing).


***  Please add 7% tax to the price.  Cash, Check or CC accepted.  We can also set up a date and you can be billed monthly, once the challenge begins.  I would like to find a way to make payment as easy for you as possible.
















There is no guarantee that you will lose the amount of weight you hope to.  I have found with these challenges in the past, that the more you commit 100% to the meal plan AND the exercise programming, the better the results.  Before signing up for this challenge, ask yourself, "are you ready to commit FULLY to your exercise program AND meal plan?"  I don't expect PERFECTION every single day, but what you're investing into this challenge, I expect that you work your hardest at following the food suggestions and exercise programming that I give you.  You want different results then where you are right now?  Then you have to change things . . . Don't expect to lose weight or body fat when you only put 1/2 the effort in.


Once you commit to the Challenge you will be invited to the closed Facebook Group page (being a Facebook user is a prerequisite).  On the FB Closed Group page, you are to post weekly updates EVERY Wednesday (written summary:  Full Name, Age, Weight, Height and how you're feeling (your struggles, your successes, etc).  The first "check-in" day for the closed FB group will be on Wednesday,  September 28th.


There will be NO refunds for this challenge, nor will you be able to "make-up" any sessions you missed after December 16th.  You must use all your sessions each week that you signed up for AND complete ALL homework assignments that your coach gives you.  When you commit to this, YOU COMMIT!  If you miss two sessions OR do not complete your homework, you will be out of the running for the fitness shoot.

If you are currently a client, you may put your "active" sessions on hold; sign up for this challenge; and, continue your sessions when you've completed the challenge.



You will all receive one of these!!!!

"The 12 week challenge has been life changing for me.  With Heather’s support and my hard work I feel so much better about my body and myself.  I wanted change and the 12 weeks of dedication gave me the time necessary to really see the results. 

12 weeks is a long time, ¼ of a year in fact, something to write home about, and something to be proud of.  The 12 week challenge is ambitious, hard, trying and everything in between, both physically and mentally.  The highs were high and the lows were just that, but I had a great support system with the group and Heather on my side.  I have learned so much about myself and my body through the 12 weeks and I had so much fun.  I know how much water, food, sleep and exercise I need to feel and look healthy.  I went into this challenge thinking 6 weeks, whew, I can do that!  Then, I extended to the 12 week challenge and had to mentally adapt and realize there is no finish to this journey.  It is hard to balance the life I was living before the challenge and the life I was living during the challenge but it goes right back to the quote:

Instead of saying: “I don’t have time/I can’t.”  Try saying, “It’s not a priority.” and see how that feels.

The 12 week challenge has been life changing for me.  With Heather’s support and my hard work I feel so much better about my body and myself.  I wanted change and the 12 weeks of dedication gave me the time necessary to really see the results.

There is no finish line……..  Kelly Morrison

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