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Client of the Month


FSE recognizes the commitment, dedication, discipline and sacrifice that clients make to reach their goals.  The hardest work is what we face outside of the gym and outside of the parameters of a coach.

So, in 2020 we are "celebrating" the success of clients by choosing one client a month that has made considerable growth and success. 

WHY celebrate?  Because this stuff ain't easy!


January 2021


Tamera Mac Kinnon

We welcome 2021, a new year, with a continued "spotlight" on our amazing clients. 


January starts off showcasing Tamera, who has been a committed team member of FSE for about 15 months.  Tamera was the perfect candidate for the "spotlight" seat this month for many reasons.  One of the biggest reasons is her commitment to her health, well-being and fitness through the COVID lockdown.  COVID has brought about many challenges . . . and surfaces many "excuses" to put aside health and fitness.  However, Tamera had the winning attitude.  She jumped on board and committed to virtual training {which she is currently still doing}; she showed up to do the work; if she couldn't make a virtual session, she requested the training link and did it at another time; and, she participated in all of the "specialty" programing that FSE offered over the last 8 months, showing a HUGE commitment to not only training, but educating herself on healthier eating options and meal plans.

Though we have yet to meet Tamera's husband, it shows in many ways that they are a TEAM.  The support she gets from home, as well as the dedication she has herself, is what it takes to make healthier habits a lifestyle.  We love that Tamera is "all in" . . . she is the perfect example of the phrase we like to use "It's not about being perfect, it's about being consistent!"  

~ Coach Heather

{PS - I wrote the top two paragraphs before reading Tamera's WHY . . . lots of similarities . . . FSE takes pride in knowing their clients.  We are not just a coach/client connection . . . we develop relationships, some lasting forever . . .}

Tamera's WHY

I train because I want to be strong and healthy for me, for my husband, and my family; to enjoy life to the fullest.  I am a role model for my granddaughters, a strong woman both physically and mentally.  I need to be and remain active.  My 88-year-old mother is my inspiration.  She mows her lawn; she walks daily, and she loves practicing Tai Chi.  I want to be like her when I am her age.

My husband and I love hiking, camping, and spending time with our grandchildren.  We also have two border collies who are HIGHLY active.  I strive to maintain my health and active lifestyle.

Why train with FSE?  As many people do, I tend to prioritize others’ needs before my own.  FSE is a place where I find support, accountability, education, and most of all, others like me who need a TRIBE to belong to.  Finding FSE has allowed me to find my way of making time for myself, allowing a change in a supportive environment.  FSE is a place that does not expect me to be perfect; it is not an all or nothing mission.

It is making positive choices, incremental changes, and moving forward each day.

My sincerest thanks to coaches Heather, Kelly, and Tammy for helping me along this journey that began in October of 2019.  I am honored to be among those who have been recognized as the client of the month.


Tamera Mac Kinnon

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