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Fitness & Sport Evolution’s “HIIT IT!" Program is here to provide you with the most effective and efficient workout for those with limited time!!!


What is the "HIIT IT!" Program?

This small group training session is perfect for the “on-the-go” person who wants to fit their workout in, in the most efficient and effective way possible.  This workout is 30 minutes long . . . so, you’re IN and you’re OUT!  You give this 110% . . . and, you’ll notice how energized you will be for the rest of the day! 


We combine full body movements, using multiple muscle groups and throw in short, intense intervals to spike your heart rate up, getting the fat burning component triggered.  Trust us . . . 20 minutes will be ALL You can handle with this workout.  AND, all you need!


There is no longer any excuse to miss a workout.  In 30 minutes you will get a “kick ass” workout, which will leave you feeling refreshed, help you make healthier choices, and help you sleep better.

HIIT IT! Session Times:

Monday/Wednesday 12:15 - 12:45 p.m.

Tuesday/Thursday 5:30 - 6:00 p.m.

Why is the HIIT so Effective?

·      Trained Coaches design programming that gets results.

·      Coaches/Trainers motivate, support and guide you through every workout.

·      This program provides the most effective way to get fit in short workout sessions.

10 sessions for $180!!!

Or keep reading if you're not yet convinced . . . 

This program was created exactly for YOU:

·      Cost-effective – You will spend no more than $18/session.  Your only additional cost is your gym membership at Strawberry Mt Gym (on average $50/month – a little over $4-$6/session that we meet, depending on 2 or 3 sessions a week).  You have 3 months to use your 10-package sessions.

·      Effective Workouts for busy lives  - Commitments can be just as stressful to make in a busy lifestyle, that we choose just NOT to commit.  We are pretty sure that everyone can make time for exercise if it's only a 1/2 hour commitment.  FSE lives by the rule:  "No Excuses!"

·      No gimmicks, the REAL DEAL – This program doesn’t fool you into gimmicky “lose weight FAST”, instead it provides fun, fast and effective ways to get more fit, improve your strength, lose weight and more!

Here’s the next question . . .

What do you do RIGHT NOW?

You can finish reading all of this, but then just “click” exit and continue with the lifestyle you currently live.  You can continue being overwhelmed with “fitting it all in” . . . well, except YOUR HEALTH.  You can continue trying to ‘catch up’ in life, instead of being empowered to ‘take control’ of your life . . . and, you will continue to see your health and fitness digress, perhaps your lifestyle becomes a medical issue such as heart disease or high blood pressure.

OR, you can call us TODAY 541-981-9634 or email us and become empowered to take control of your life, while losing weight, strengthening muscles, decreasing stress and living the life you deserve . . . a life where you look and feel as healthy and fit as possible . . . where you feel full of energy . . . where you can move freely doing the activities you enjoy . . . and where you walk into a room and everyone turns their head!

You are SMART and I know you’ll make the right decision for YOURSELF, that will lead you to being a happier Mother, Father, Spouse, Employee, Friend . . . A happier and healthier YOU!

We want to make sure this program is right for you!

Heather Herbeck

Fitness & Sport Evolution

Owner & Lead Trainer


P.S. We’ve helped many people reach their goals with our effective programming.  Whether your goal is to lose weight, move without pain or restriction or increase your strength . . . our trainers will design a program for YOU that will help reach your goals.  Our programming focuses on improving mobility and range of motion, burning fat, strengthening muscles, improving power and increasing flexibility.  All of this in 45 minutes . . . but, you may have so much fun that you won’t want to leave!


It was a bit humbling to hire a trainer. I think I had a little judgement about the kind of people who do.... like, they must not have the will power to do it themselves, or they must have money to waste.

Working with Heather has changed all that for me. I found after 3 years of struggling to find the time or energy to train around my new business (which demanded a solid 12-14 hour day, 7 days a week) that I just really needed some help. I knew Heather was great from her reputation, but I have experienced it now first hand. She's amazing.

Since April, I've lost 12 pounds I've been trying to lose for 3 years. It's been replaced with muscle and I feel great. It's such a relief to know I can be strong and healthy again. I love getting out of the office (And the world doesn't fall apart!). I love being held accountable. And, Heather is so gentle-yet-persistent... she sneaks in the workouts, making them sound so "easy" and "fun". And, somehow I find that it IS fun.

I testify under oath of the gorge that Heather ROCKS.


~ Greta

Hood River, OR

P.P.S Here is what you need to do right now.  Email me . . . and set up a meeting to discuss how to get started.  This is a very important step as we’ll see if you’re a good fit for this program.  There is no obligation on your part to discuss this programming via email or phone conversation.  REMEMBER, because of all the remarkable results we’re getting from our clients the demand for our services has grown, so we only have 10 spots left in this program before our prices go up . . . and, those spots WILL fill . . . so call TODAY!

We promise we’ll respond via email within 24 hours.

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