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Ladies . . .

this ones for you!

5th Annual "Hot for the Holidays" - Little Black Dress Project

Fat Loss Programming & Meal Plans:

Stronger, Sexier & Unstoppable

6-Week Program

October 5th - November 15th

"Hot for the Holidays" is focused on helping women become more self-confident, lose weight,

and celebrate being strong and sexy.

And, it's just in time to get yourself looking and feeling sexy for the Holidays!

Here are just a few things that will happen during these 6 weeks:

  1. You will cleanse and detoxify your body of impurities, chemicals, and artificial toxins. 

  2. You will create new and healthy habits to replace your not-so-sexy ones.

  3. You will FINALLY kick your cravings and you will restore your body back to the way it is designed to function.

  4. You will learn how easy is it to make a healthy and delicious meal so you don’t get trapped into eating something not conducive to your goals.

  5. Your body will learn how to optimize its fat-burning potential so you no longer have to hide behind your clothes and can always find something to wear in your closet.

  6. You will be a part of an amazing group of women working towards the same goals that you are.  This is perhaps THE best part!!!!

  7. You will gain confidence and improve self-esteem.

  8. You get to pick that favorite dress as a goal to wear by the end of the challenge!  So, start looking now!!!!

The support you will get during the challenge:

1.  The SUCCESS manual prior to the challenge . . . to give you a descriptive overview of what to expect.  

2.  Weekly Meal Plans and Grocery Lists.

3.  Recipe Manual

4.  Private "Hot for the Holidays" - Little Black Dress FB Group page to connect with one another.

5.  Temporary inclusion to FSE's CLIENT ONLY FB group so you can get a 'taste' of what it feels like to be a part of the tribe.

6.  Daily dose of emails for motivation and support.

7.  Nutrition swaps/Exchange lists

8.  Healthy tips and tricks for "grab & go"

9. (2) Virtual or In-studio Training available.  In studio training MUST have gym membership:  Semi-Private Group Training 

10.  BONUS:  Little Black Dress Extravaganza Goodie bag!!!   


With your beautiful, sexy black dress (Okay, it doesn't HAVE to be black OR a dress) . . .

your assignment is to wear it at some point over the Holidays, snap a picture and share it on our private FB page.

6-Weeks of education, inspiration and guidance

6-Week "Hot for the Holidays" - Little Black Dress Program (Ladies ONLY)


***  Two-payment options are available

New clients ONLY!

For Registration


7-14 days before the challenge begins you will receive your SUCCESS manual to get yourself ready for the 6 weeks of programming!!!

Ladies . . . this challenge is for YOU! 

Wherever YOU are at right at this moment, we can help you become your best version!

All LEVEL of fitness & health are WELCOME!  EVERYONE has the ability to participate and be successful if you put the work in!


We all need motivation at some point!!!

Change doesn't happen overnight.  Commit to 6 weeks and watch the magic unfold!









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Client Feedback about FSE Challenges:

"The 6 week program incorporated everything I needed to start getting my health and fitness in check.  It incorporated a work out plan designed for me, nutrition plan, weekly check in/accountability, group support, and trainer support to say the least.  I not only see Heather as my coach and trainer but she is my rock, a great friend, and unending support.  For me, having everything all lined out is amazing, I just have to follow and trust in the plan.  I can attest the plan works, but it is NOT easy.  I think the thing I said the most, “Sometimes I just can’t believe it’s this hard.”  I was ready to give it my all and am proud of what I accomplished in the 6 weeks.  There were many ups and downs on the journey and I was able to talk them through with the group and Heather, I was very grateful for their support.  The 6 week challenge is a great place to start forming healthier tendencies and habits for life."  

"Once again another awesome experience with Heather. This is the third challenge I have done now and I learn new things each time and gain added resources and tools to use as I continue on with my journey.

Thank you, Heather and Michelle, for your support as well as everyone else in the group!!!!

Also wanted you to know, I had an appointment with my Doctor and the Dietician in her office. My labs are great and I am down 12 lbs from my last visit. Also I shared with my Dietician the meal plans I have been using from Heather's programs and she thought they were great. She said it sounded like I didn't need any further support from her.

You are AWESOME, FSE!!!!"

~ Michelle