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Challenge #1:  Food-Focused

January 30 - March 10, 2017


This challenge is designed for the following:

1.  Your typical diet consists of cereal, pizza, fast food, chocolate bars, soda, donuts or anything accessible.

2.  You need to lose a lot of DEAD weight.

3.  The only vegetable you eat is potatoes.  Fried!

4.  You have no idea what to eat.

5.  You feel you need to learn how to discipline yourself to eat healthier.  But don't know how.

This program is not for the WEAK.  It doesn't make you LESS of a person if you need some guidance and coaching on how to eat healthier and make healthier choices.  We all need motivation and coaching at some point!  There is not ONE professional athlete who has made it to the top of his/her sport without the guidance of a coach.  YOU are that ATHLETE and I am your COACH!



Fitness and Sport Evolution (FSE) is launching its first  6 week "habit" challenge to start our healthy momentum into 2017.  Each six-week challenge is an opportunity to build on the previous challenge – instead of running out of gas at the end of the six weeks, we want to pick goals that build up our top speed and allow us to make progress towards our main goal.  Check out all of our 2017 Challenge HERE.

You will be invited to a CLOSED Facebook group where you and the other challengers will share, support and encourage each other.  These closed Facebook groups have quickly become famous and a huge part of success!


FSE will post a weekly EXCLUSIVE video for the group with nutrition suggestions, tips, tricks and motivation.  This is your chance to make a difference in your life with some guidance.


You will get just as much out of this Challenge as you put into it!!!!!!



*  Recommended online meal programming.  I am NOT a dietition or nutritionist, so I cannot put together meal programs specific to any health or medical condition you have.  These meals are programmed to create healthier eating habits overall and encourage weight loss.  I will guide you week by week (sometimes day by day) to get you to start thinking "healthier" when it comes to fueling your body.

*  Initial/Exit interview with before/after photos, weigh-ins and girth measurements.

*  Accountability using:

     -  Journaling your food with the FSE log book (included in the challenge).

     -  Private FB support group.

     -  One skype or phone call consultation per week if requested.

     -  Your very own client profile from FSE to log food, workouts, etc.  Free app for your phone, too . . . so you can take me anywhere!


$300 w/o tax ($50 a week).  Cash/Check/CC are accepted.  7% tax added to total.

Click HERE to get registered!

Once you are registered, I will be sending you some information to fill out prior to the challenge!

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