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Challenge #2:  Exercise-Focused

March 20 - April 28th, 2017


This challenge is designed for the following:

1.  You do not currently work out and have no idea where to start.

2.  You are sporadic at working out and you need motivation and guidance.

3.  You have health/medical reasons that your doctor is encouraging you to exercise.

4.  You don't have the discipline to workout.

5.  You have lots of dead weight to lose.

6.  You need accountability to kick things into place.

7.  You have just completed FSE Challenge #1(Food-Focused) and are ready to get started on your exercise programming.

8.  You want to have fun!

WHY Exercise?

Exercise stimulates your muscles to use up energy so you don't store it as fat.  The perfect combination is cardiovascular exercise AND strength training.  



Fitness and Sport Evolution (FSE) is launching its 2nd  6 week "habit" challenge to start our healthy momentum into 2017.  Each six-week challenge is an opportunity to build on the previous challenge – instead of running out of gas at the end of the six weeks, we want to pick goals that build up our top speed and allow us to make progress towards our main goal.  Check out all of our 2017 Challenges  HERE.

You will be invited to a CLOSED Facebook group where you and the other challengers will share, support and encourage each other.  These closed Facebook groups have quickly become famous and a huge part of success!


Depending on your goal in the challenge, I will design a unique, progressive 6-week program for you to do in the gym and 'in-home'.  


FSE will post a weekly EXCLUSIVE video for the group with exercises, suggestions, tips, tricks and motivation.  This is your chance to make a difference in your life with some guidance.


You will get just as much out of this Challenge as you put into it!!!!!!



*  Progressive exercise programming.

*  Initial/Exit interview with before/after photos, weigh-ins, girth measurements and body fat.

*  Client journaling using the very own FSE log book (Included in the challenge).

*  Private FB support group

*  Weekly challenges to encourage activity and exercise daily.

*  One Skype consultation per week if requested (for support and encouragement, outside of our training sessions)

*  One FREE month at Strawberry Mountain Gym upon completion of the 6-Week Challenge!!!  This is only for the one-on-one participants, not the online.


Meetings with your coach:

You have the option to meet with your coach 1, 2 or 3 times a week, for exercise programming.  The harder it is for you to motivate, the more I would encourage 3 times a week through this challenge.  Meeting with me once a week is targeted to those who are truly motivated and feel 100% confident that they can motivate to workout on their own, and we meet once to "check-in".  Workouts will be designed specifically for you and your fitness/health goals.



1 "Check-in" Coaching Session per week with Heather:  $350 w/o tax OR two payments of $175 w/o tax.

2 Coaching Sessions per week with Heather:  $600 w/o tax OR two payments of $300 w/o tax.


3 Coaching Sessions per week with Heather:  $810 w/o tax OR two payments of $405 w/o tax.


Online coaching with  exercise programs that you perform on your own (this includes everything EXCEPT one-on-one sessions):  

$300 w/o tax.  


***  Please add 7% tax to the price.  Cash/Check/CC are accepted.


Once you commit to the Challenge you will be invited to the closed Facebook Group page (being a Facebook user is a prerequisite).  On the FB Closed Group page, you are to post weekly updates EVERY Wednesday (written summary:  Full Name, Age, Weight, Height, and BF % - if you know it) and how you're feeling (your struggles, your successes, etc).  The first "check-in" day for the closed FB group will be on Wednesday,  March 29th.


There will be NO refunds for this challenge, nor will you be able to "make-up" any sessions you missed after April 8th .  You must use all your sessions each week that you signed up for AND complete ALL homework assignments that your coach gives you.  When you commit to this, YOU COMMIT!

Let's re-create the ALREADY AWESOME YOU, into an even more AWESOME, HEALTHIER YOU!!!

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