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Fitness & Sport Evolution Workout and Nutrition Log

Benefits of tracking your Exercise and Nutrition:

1.  You will eat less.  When people record what, when, and/or how much they eat, and/or their weight — they usually eat less, and lose weight as the result.  The dieters who lose the most weight in the short- and long-term also tend to be the most diligent about self tracking.

2.  You'll exercise more.  When people record their exercise habits, they exercise more.  They also tend to enjoy exercise more.

3.  You'll get immediate gratification.  Tracking your food and exercise habits gives you immediate feedback on your progress. If you track your calories and how long or how hard you exercise, you’ll know immediately how your choices will contribute to, or detract from, your weight loss goals.

4.  Your "diet" becomes a game.  Recording your eating and exercise habits makes dieting into a kind of sport.  If you set a calorie goal for each day, you have to be strategic about how much you eat throughout the day. You can also use different exercise tactics to defeat your opponent (your caloric deficit).

5.  You can become more flexible about What, When and How Much you eat.  Tracking your food intake and exercise levels allows you to budget your time, calories, and food choices with greater flexibility, which can help you lose weight.  If you track your calorie intake, you could eat less at other meals throughout the day and pool your calories for a larger meal. Self tracking gives you near complete control over your food choices and eating schedule.

6.  You can avoid the "Oh S#@t" Effect.  Instead of despairing over small deviations from your diet, self tracking allows you to see exactly how much (or little) your choices will affect your goals.

7.  You can avoid weight loss plateaus.  If you track your weight on a regular basis, you can see how far you are from achieving your goal and how fast you’re progressing.  Weighing yourself is a great first step, but you should also record your weight. This allows you to make adjustments to your diet and exercise plan to keep the fat falling off.  If you see you’re falling behind, you can exercise more and eat less.  If you’ve lost more weight than you predicted, you’ll be even more motivated to continue.

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