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Goal Setting Online Workshop

Imagine making a goal and never having to make it again . . . because you reached it!

"How to set goals that stick:  5 Proven Goal-Setting Strategies to Get What You Want"

Fitness & Sport Evolution has made it possible for you to access this goal-setting workshop from the comfort of your own home.  



Don't Miss Out!

Take the step to FINALLY reaching your weight loss goals

or re-visiting those New Year's Resolutions!

Access our Goal Setting Workshop TODAY!

Message me below.  In the subject line, write "goal setting workshop".  In the message box, share with me a few of your goals.  I will then send you an email to access the workshop and a special gift!

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The TRUTH About  Goal Setting & Weight Loss

You have the opportunity to CREATE the year that you want to have in 2018. (For the record, we’re voting for an incredibly successful one.)  Even though it's a few months since you made your NY's resolution, it's still early enough in 2018 to make sure the process you're using to achieve your goal is going to work for you!

In this LIVE WORKSHOP, I'm going to share the top 5 strategies that high-performers, Olympic athletes, and some of the most successful people in the world use to achieve their goals and achieve transformation in their life.  

I'm going to break down step-by-step how to make your New Year Resolutions "Quit Proof" and entirely painless.  Here's what you'll learn...

  • Gain Clarity - Focus in on your next steps toward accomplishing what matters most—and the courage you need to take action.

  • One Thing to Make You 42% MORE Successful - This ONE strategy will instantly make you 42% more likely to accomplish your goals (it’s shocking how many people miss it!)

  • It's YOUR Time - How to “Quit-Proof” your goals to ensure 2018 is the year you finally cross that big one off your list

  • Eliminate Procrastination - A simple but powerful principle that will enable you to defeat procrastination once and for all

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