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MARCH 2014

We're getting a little CrAzY in March: If you purchase 5 PT sessions and use them within 30 days, you get 1 FREE! Along with a FREE $25 Fitness Test sometime within those 30 days. Special starts March 1st and runs through March 17th (St Patty's Day) . . . don't let your luck run out. Inquire NOW at


Proud to be a part of the Mt. Adams Chamber of Commerce and play my part in making my community AWESOME along with many other amazing businesses.



Dave Poucher

66-Yer Old White Salmon, Washington Mayor, Dave Poucher, surfing up a storm.

This was his goal for the last few months of training, so we did a lot of burpees and burpees into his surf stance.

"Burpees are a great exercise and the instructor said my balance and core strength made teaching me easy!" 




Most of my clients assume that working out comes EASY for me. NOT always . . . this morning was one of those "ugh" days . . . for multiple reasons! As I was trying to figure out what to do after training clients this morning ~ go home OR stay and workout since I'm already there ~ a thought came to mind. "NO EXCUSES" . . . I tell my clients that all the time . . . No excuses! Long story short . . . It was an incredible workout and I feel SO GREAT! A big thanks to all my clients . . . you motivated me today Get out there and just move. Doesn't matter what you do or how long . . . just MOVE today. 








MARCH, 5TH. 2014


My "go to" exercise for a strong core is the PLANK.

Here is a good plank progression:


On the floor, on your knees

On the floor, on your feet

On the floor, lifting the feet one at a time and moving the legs

On the exercise ball, on your ...knees

On the exercise ball, on your feet

On the exercise ball, pushing the ball forward to support you less. Hold as long as you can. When it gets easy, PROGRESS. Keep your core nice and tight, rib cage and hips lifted.


A big thanks to Strawberry Mountain Salon. Day Spa. Gym for the use of the equipment for my latest clinic in Portland, OR.

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