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Mobilty & Stability Program - Create a strong, solid foundation, while working on posture and form.
Workouts that will make you strong. 
Power Program - YES! Power training is for everyone IF we build a strong foundation BEFOREHAND. 
Cardiovascular program.
Quick videos showcasing proper form. COMING SOON!
Email support.  YOUR success if my success, so please contact me with questions.
This 90-day program is so affordable . . . you get (2) 6-week programs that will start building (or re-building) your body from the core.

Fitness and Sport Evolution



Online Training and Coaching

Perfect for those outside of the White Salmon, WA area who want to be trained using FSE philosophy.


What online coaching consists of:

*  FREE personal consultation via skype, facebook chat, email or phone.  This sessions will answer any questions you may have and provide me with the information I need to personalize your program.

*  Personalized 4 week training schedule that will fit well with your "every day" routines or sports performance competitions.

*  Skype, facebook chat, email or phone conversation every 4 weeks to re-assess goals, talk about the new programming or wrap up the time together so you can successfully continue on your own.

*  Handouts that you can print off that will include your warm-up, your training routine and your cool-down.  Or access all programming via my Fitness Sport Evolution phone app.

*  Video of all exercises accessed from the app.

*  Workout schedule that will tell you when to do what, once we talk about and commit to days that will work for you (during your initial consultation).

*  Warm-up and Cool-down routine


**** FSE encourages you to commit to a 3 month (90 day program) to get the greatest benefits AND create exercise as a habit.  Plus, it's a better value for YOU!











Message Us Today!

And schedule your FREE consultation.


***  Please see your doctor before starting any new exercise program.  Especially if this is NEW to you.  FSE is NOT responsible for any misunderstanding or misuse of these programs that lead to any loss, damage or injury.  These program are NOT to provide medical advice or to take the place of medical advice and treatment from your doctor or physical therapist.  These programs work for MOST, but not everyone.  I will provide you with the programming, but YOU are the one that must make the "magic" happen!

Performance Pyramid Program

Performance Pyramid Program -

Phase #1

$50 plus tax

Performance Pyramid Program -

Phase #2

$45 plus tax

*** Can only sign up for Phase #2 AFTER Phase #1 has been completed.

*** No Refunds

3 month progressive program

$297 plus tax

4-Week Program

$99 plus tax

*** No Refunds

I've designed this program for those with a busy lifestyle, who don't have hours and hours to spend in the gym and want some structured exercises to do at home.

***This program is PERFECT for ALL athletes who are starting their off-season.

WHY this program?

*  This 90-day program uses the performance pyramid philosophy.  Trust this method - athletes, those with injuries and beginner exercisers can benefit from this.

*  This programming is so affordable . . . all you need is SELF-MOTIVATION to actually DO the programming.  Trust me . . . if you do it, it works!

*  I promise when you are finished with the 90 days, you will look and feel stronger. 

Invest in YOUrself!

Here is what you get with this program:











Personal Online Coaching

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