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Online Training & Coaching Services

We know that life is busy, time is precious & financial resources can be scarce.  Priorities in life are different for everyone.


Let us help you make it easier by taking out the "travel time" component and the gym membership fee!

Our goal is to give online clientele the most personal experience possible. Your program will be hand made from scratch. We have worked with many men and women throughout the US. Our unique training approach and attention to detail is the foundation of FSE's personal training and online coaching success. The FSE coaches have experience working with men and women interested in general fitness, reducing body fat, gaining lean muscle mass, improving movement, injury-prevention and more!

FSE strives for 100% client satisfaction and can help YOU reach your own personal fitness goals today. This is the most exclusive and individual training experience available and it is now affordable for all! Whether you chose to train with the FSE clients live and in person or online, you will receive an unparalleled training experience and most importantly, you will feel better! No matter your job, lifestyle or location we can develop a solution for you!

Fitness & Sport Evolution's
VIP Online Coaching

Contact us for pricing.
Starts as low as $200/month.

Take your training and nutrition to the next level and work with an FSE Coach. With the purchase of this package, you will receive:

  • Fully customized, training program, written in four-week blocks, based on your fitness level.  Regardless of your age or abilities, FSE coaches will work with you to establish your goals and design a plan for you to achieve them.  FSE provides you with a personalized FSE client portal to access ALL information and programming from your coach.  Updates, modifications and progressions are included during the time you are working with your FSE coach.

  • Weekly check-in form available upon request.

  • Initial Consultation {in person, zoom, email or phone}.  This will include discussing your goals, fears, strengths, weaknesses and dreams.  You will be asked about your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly schedule, identifying opportunities to optimize training and recovery.  Plus it's a great time for YOU to ask your coach questions.   ​​


FSE Online Trainers:

FSE coach, Tammy Alcott specializes in online training.  Tammy marries the perfect training plan to the individual.  Taking into account your goals, lifestyle, work, travel and other commitments a plan is built designed to bring you success and happiness all at once. Tammy crafts training programs completely tailored to your needs, staying flexible and readily available to you.

FSE coach and owner, Heather Herbeck, provides online training services if she has the availability outside of her gym training sessions.

Read more about the FSE coaches HERE!!!!  We will find the right fit for you!

Here is Kris's story 

Kris Gerlach.jpg

I reached out to FSE because I needed to change and I knew that Heather could help me out from my previous experience with working with her! Heather takes time to know you as a person, the needs, wants and wants you to achieve your goals because your goals are her goals.  She wants you to succeed because there is no better feeling than achieving something you worked so hard for and it is gratifying watching the progress being achieved.  She has taught me this and it feels good.

My goals were to lose about 30lbs and to tone up, being 51 years old and have gone through menopause I believe it was time to nip it in the bud.  I have done the Atkins diet twice and have lost the weight and gained it back, I have never had a problem with exercise, having been a member of gym for 25 years.

FSE helped organize a meal plan that was huge, I have Celiac Disease so it helped that the meal plans were gluten free.  The meal plan played a major role in the weight loss, portion size and also I notice no dairy.  The other way was by planning my workouts, I needed help with weight training and putting together workouts, also core workouts.  I needed help with structure, motivation even though I had a gym membership, it did not matter I lacked motivation and by doing this and having FSE support it was enough to kick it into to high gear and get something done.  I found it easy to do cardio and ignore the other exercises and FSE was able to get my workouts organized and my goals on track!

~ Kris Gerlach

Reach your health & fitness goals from home!

It IS possible!!!!

Here’s the next question . . .

What do you do RIGHT NOW?

You can finish reading all of this, but then just “click” exit and continue with the lifestyle you currently live.  You can continue finding excuses and watching the scale continue to go up . . . or well, except YOUR HEALTH.  You can continue trying to ‘catch up’ in life, instead of being empowered to ‘take control’ of your life . . . and, you will continue to see your health and fitness digress, perhaps your lifestyle becomes a medical issue such as heart disease or high blood pressure.

OR, you can call us TODAY 541-981-9634 or email us and become empowered to take control of your life, while losing weight, strengthening muscles, decreasing stress and living the life you deserve . . . a life where you look and feel as healthy and fit as possible . . . where you feel full of energy . . . where you can move freely doing the activities you enjoy . . . and where you walk into a room and everyone turns their head!

You are SMART and I know you’ll make the right decision for YOURSELF, that will lead you to being a happier Mother, Father, Spouse, Employee, Friend . . . A happier and healthier YOU!

Heather Herbeck

Fitness & Sport Evolution

Owner & Lead Trainer


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