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I will be 68 in a month and thanks to Heather and her workout techniques I will be celebrating my birthday as a healthy man.

~ White Salmon, WA Mayor, Dave Poucher

Heather has been my trainer since June of 2013. Two weeks ago I was changing the batteries in my smoke detectors, I have one that is 16 feet in the air above our bedroom door. My borrowed ladder slid along the hardwood floors and I fell to the ground. As I was falling all I could remember was Heather's words "tight core...tight core". I landed on my arms and knees, bruised and lacerated. My wife and son took me to the hospital. The ER doctor does the initial assessment and x-rays and tells my wife "most people Dave's age, when they fall from that height, break many bones. Dave's, on the other hand, are not broken just bruised".

A week later I am doing physical therapy prescribed by the ER Doctor, and the Physical Therapists states "David you were in 2 years ago with mobility problems, even with your current injuries you have more range of motion than you had when you were released then". I told the therapist what I was doing and she responded keep doing it, it most probably saved you from some very serious injuries.

After my injuries, Heather immediately changed my exercises to aid in my recovery. I can't say enough about how pleased I am with the professional training and guidance I receive every session with "My Personal Trainer Heather Herbeck".

If you have an active lifestyle or just want to raise the quality of your life, I highly recommend you visit Heather and set up a personalized training program for yourself. If I can do it, so can you.

David Poucher


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