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The Scoop on Skoop

What’s the “Scoop” on Skoop?

I have been leery on supplementation for many years. More often than not, “recovery aids”, protein shakes, vitamins/minerals, etc are poor quality, high in sugar and/or taste awful and chalky.

Just recently I was introduced to a product called “Skoop”. Skoop comes with three products that contain natural ingredients, low in sugar and taste AWESOME . . . really, they do!!!

Before I share with you my personal thoughts about the product, I wanted to give you the basics and background of each seperate supplement.

A – Game – “Green Goblin Goodness” as my pre-breakfast snack

I wake up early to train clients, so making breakfast isn’t possible. As important as I know breakfast is, a quick mix of A-game with cold water and I’m ready to start my morning. This product leaves me feeling healthy, clean, full of energy and ready to train.

Here are just a few benefits of A-Game:

  • Phytonutrient Rich – which prevents disease and keeps your body working properly

  • Speeds Recovery

  • Contains Fiber to buffer Sugars

  • Contains 10 servings of fruits and veggies

  • Clean, all-day energy

  • Contains Adaptogenic Herbs – known to fight fatigue and some cancers

  • Fights inflammation

  • Probiotics for gut health

  • Antioxidant Rich – keeps your cells healthy

B – Strong – “Perfectly packed Protein” as my recovery fuel.

B-Strong is my “after workout”/Recovery drink. After my gym training, paddling or mt biking, I mix with cold water, shake and gulp it down in preparation for my next days’ adventures.

Here are just a few benefits of B-Strong:

  • Speeds Recovery

  • Great tasting

  • Digests easily

  • Builds Muscles

  • Plant based proteins

  • Antioxidant Rich

photo 1-21_edited.JPG

B – Lovely – “Replenishing Red Refreshment” as my “after sun” enjoyment

I enjoy this product in the evening. It was recommended to try it with hot water and lemon . . . and, it tastes GREAT and very soothing. This is the first time I’ve taken a product to improve my skin from the inside/out. Being that I’m in the sun and outdoors 85% of the time, this product is important in healing your skin and keeping me looking as young as I feel.

Here are a few benefits of B-Lovely:

  • Powers up the dermis – helps the skin keep a youthful appearance and repairs skin tissue

  • Detoxes caked on make-up

  • Repairs damaged collagen

  • Promotes circulation

  • Beauty on the cellular level

  • Combats oxidative stress (tissue damage)

  • Fortifies blood vessel walls

I’m very excited to share with you my journey with this product. This is just an introduction and I will dig deeper into the products as I go. I look forward to my continued involvement and providing you with information about how this product influences my active lifestyle.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. I don’t know all the answers, but I will find the answers if I don’t know J You can also order the product and give it a try for yourself from my personal "Skoop page". I believe in this product so much that I recommend it to all my clients and fellow athletes. You get a $5 discount when ordering it off of my page . . . SKOOP!

BONUS: I just recently baked with ALL these products and cannot wait to share my recipes. Yum, Yum, Yum and fueled our way up 12,000 ft of Mt Adams.

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