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It's all about that BASE!

It's all about that base, 'bout that base . . . no trouble!

I work with a broad level of clients ~ from athletes to recreational sports' enthusiasts to first-time exercisers. One common thing these people share is a mention of some sort of "ache" or "pain"! The most common complaints that people bring to my practice are shoulder, knee and lower back pain.

In listening to a lot of my clients' past exercise history, most have tried to hide the aches and pains; neglect them; push past them; thinking that over time their intense training will make them stronger and their pain will disappear. Is this just the mindset of an athlete: keep pushing, neglect the pain . . . in essence, neglect what your body is telling you? Is it okay to wear supports or be "taped up" every time you workout in order for your joints to be stabilized better? If you keep working hard, will that pain just go away?


Here's my take:

It's all about your base fitness level.

* Your base muscle ENDURANCE: the ability of a muscle or group of muscle, to work continuously/for a long time without tiring.

* Your base muscle STRENGTH: the amount of resistance your muscle can take in a single contraction.

* Your base joint STABILITY: the ability to maintain or control joint movement or position.

* Your base joint MOBILITY: the amount of "play" within the joint.

* Your base cardiovascular capacity: the ability of your heart and lungs to supply oxygen to your working muscles and to provide energy for movement.

* Your base FLEXIBILITY: the capacity of a joint or muscle to move through its full range of motion.

Build a proper base for your body and you will become a bigger, better, stronger athlete. Build a proper base for your body and your "pains" won't become chronic. Build a proper base to allow your body to support itself. Build a proper base BEFORE jumping into that "INTENSE" group training, power lifting or plyometric training. You can only neglect your pain for so long . . . it will eventually disable you or create more imbalances in your body!!! I PROMISE. Then YOU will come to me and I'll have to help you 're-train' your movements . . . so you might as well start NOW!

2011-01-01 03.28.26.jpg


It's not about working the "show muscles" ~ the 'big guns' biceps, or the 'bulging' chest. It's about working the tiny, stabilizer muscles FIRST so they can help support the joints so your body can hold more weight, push through with more power, and take forces at a greater capacity.

"It's all about that base, 'bout that base!"

Train smarter . . . not harder!


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