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Be a part of a team.

Team Alliance

The Whole Life Challenge

For me being part of a team means:

1. I'm important enough (because I was asked to be on this team).

2. I'm good enough (that a team actually WANTS me).

3. I'm now held accountable to the expectations of the team and my role on the team.

4. I am committed to my TEAM. I take an oath (internally) to support, inspire, motivate, encourage and do everything in my power to make my team better. It's not just about me, but the TEAM.

Here is YOUR invitation to be a part of something big. I am leading a team, Team Alliance, for a fun online wellness game/challenge ~ The Whole Life Challenge.

I don't know much about the challenge. All I know is that it is a different experience for everyone and that everyone can benefit from it. Whether an elite athlete or someone exercising for their first time . . . there are different levels to the challenge. No matter where we are at this very second . . . we can all improve our lifestyle and become healthier individuals.

Remember . . . everyone’s experience will be different. Cannot wait to start, face my personal challenges and come out the other side a healthier ME.

Who’s with me? Go to the website link in this article for further deets.

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