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Do Good . . . Be Kind . . .

The spirit of the Holidays is "Giving". Let's make it the spirit of our lives.

I truly believe in the act of giving of yourself - your talents, your ear (well, listening. not actually your ear), your time, etc. I wanted to present to you two companies I am associated with, not only for their amazing product, but also for their philanthropy and their message.


I have enjoyed KINDSnacks for many, many years now. I'm sure all of you have tried at least some variety of KIND product, and would agree on the quality and yumminess. But besides that . . . I love the message KIND puts out there. Whether it's on their website, twitter, facebook or instagram . . . their message is "Be KIND". Yeah, it's a great marketing strategy, however it's much more than that.

Every month, KINDSnacks supports individuals and organizations that want to make the world a better place. Thousands of dollars each month goes to the cause of "being KIND" and making a difference. Go to the link and vote each month for who KIND supports.

One organization that is near and dear to my heart, is First Descents, an organization providing outdoor experienes for cancer survivors. For the last 7 years, I have been part of this organization. For each camp, this last summer, the participants (oh, and lead staff) enjoyed healthy snacks donated by KIND. EVERY camp (hundreds of camps across the US) was stocked with KIND products (which didn't help my KIND addiction). Haha. Thank you KIND for your support!

Here is to healthy, clean, yummy eating and supporting the mission of "being KIND" to YOURSELF and to OTHERS. Check out KIND's daily reminders to "Be KIND" on their social media.


I have gotten to know a little bit more about Skoop as I use their product and am blown away by the quality of taste, quality of nutrients, quality of marketing, their support, and their mission, "the good you do for others is good for you, too".

This is taken off of Skoop's website:

"A growing body of medical research suggests doing small acts of good for others can add years to your life, increase dopamine levels, and even lower blood pressure. So we figured, why not bake a little "helper's high" into every serving of Skoop?"

Skoop has partnered with the "Chef Ann Foundation", whose purpose is to provide fresh fruits and veggies to schools all over the country. Healthy habits and clean eating start young . . .

I find myself telling clients to put THEMSELVES first. I still think that is a #1 priority. If you're not healthy and balanced, you cannot GIVE the gift of health and balance. So, my challenge for you in 2015 is to find a way to create healthy habits, clean eating and a balanced lifestyle for YOURSELF and then take your experience to help someone else transform their lives.

Please support these companies so they can continue reaching out to millions of others to promote HEALTH and more importantly, well-being.

Be KIND, Do Good for YOU and for OTHERS!

Skoop badge_v2-01.jpg

Click HERE for discount.

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