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Snack Attack

Fueling your body consistenly throughout the day is the best way to avoid the "low sugar", "eat anything and everything in the kitchen" at the end of the day, animalistic feelings.

Awhile back, I shared some of my favorite "quick snacks" with you . . . read here! Even though I continue to snack on these foods, I've come up with a few more ideas:

1. Almond Butter and Apple. Not just ANY almond butter. Make sure the ingredients are: Almonds. You want to avoid added sugars or preservatives. Make sure to refridgerate your almond butter and enjoy in moderation.

2. Frozen dried apricots. If you have a sweet tooth, frozen dried fruit definitely hits the spot. Again, caution on the dried fruit you choose. A lot of packaged or bulk dried fruits have "added stuff". Read your ingredients.

3. Almonds & Cashews. Nuts are a great way to get your protein. Aim for unsalted, raw nuts. The salted nuts make you crave more and you could end up overeating your calorie needs. And, the roasted nuts are processed and it's all about eating clean.

4. For that "after dinner" dessert need, I like to grab 2 homemade coconut macaroons. Check out the recipe here. A sinful addition to these tastey treats would be to coat them in the chocolate date candies I've posted about in the past.

Okay, there you have it. Some more delicious ideas for some healthy snacks.

Your coach,


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