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Beets for Performance

What's the Beet Craze these days? I have always LOVED beets. I remember, as a kid, picking beets out of the garden with my mom, boiling the beets and then right out of the saucepan dishing myself up a big bowl . . . tastey, sweet and so good for you!!!!

Here are a few benefits of getting your daily dose of beets:

1. Beets (or the inorganic nitrates found in beets) help increase the size of our blood vessels, which in turn allows more oxygen to flow to the muslces. The more oxygen flowing through our muscles, the better AND longer our body can perform. Beet supplements are PERFECT for endurance athletes who need to keep their body going hours on end - this means you can run longer, swim farther, cycle with fewer breaths and more!

2. Contains tons of antioxidants.

3. Aids in quicker recovery so you can bounce back quicker and get back at it!

4. Gives you energy. The D-Ribose provides lasting, sustained energy for your day and your workouts.

5. Promotes circulation.

Things to consider:

1. It is encouraged to drink beet supplements slowly to allow the nitrates to be more effective in our bodies usage of them.

2. Take your beet supplement a few hours before your endurance activity OR daily to build up your system and to aid in recovery.

I'm in the beginning phases of trying my choice in beet products - Skoop Ignite Beet Blend. I choose Skoop because they are made with the best and most simple ingredients AND taste good. If you want to give these products a try, check them out and order here:

Life is all about being YOUR best and being the healthiest you can be!

Your Coach,


*** There are many beet products out there, I am just sharing with you which one I trust and enjoy.

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