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December 2015 Specials

This is your opportunity to take charge of your health and moving forward into 2016 with an effort to make your health a priority. There will never be THE perfect time . . . we can find ANYTHING to use as an excuse. So . . . why not just commit and start NOW.

Here . . . I'm going to make it easier. I am offering some specials on my services. This doesn't happen often, because I don't like the thought of "discounting" your health. Do Doctor's ever give you a buy 1, get 1 free special? Or 10% off your doctor's visit? I'm not comparing myself to your doctor, but I am bringing attention to the fact that exercise and how you fuel your body is preventative care for many diseases that are prevalent in today's society. You should WANT to pay full price for to make your health a priority :-)

So here they are . . . My December Specials . . . JUST FOR YOU!

$100 off my 6-Week Challenge - Details HERE

Local and Online Training Available for this Challenge.

FREE Fitness 1/2 hour fitness test PLUS 1/2 hour consultation to go over the results. You get to choose the components of your fitness test and we will do what we can in the 1/2 hour we have:

* Body Fat

* Girth Measurments

* Cardiovascular Endurance

* Muscular Strength & Endurance

* Balance Screening

* Movement Screening

* Flexibility Screening

**** This testing is safe for ALL levels and ages and is performed at Strawberry Mountain Gym in White Salmon, WA.

Gift Certificates AVAILABLE! Give the gift of fitness to your friends and family. All sessions start with a 1/2 hour FREE consultation. Give the gift of health! Local and Online training available.

Please email me with any questions at


Heather Herbeck

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