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Why Personal Training is PERSONAL

When you think personal training, you probably visualize someone standing there with a clipboard and counting your reps. Don't get me wrong, I do this plenty with my clients . . . but, it's SO much more than that.

Training with FSE starts with a consultation where I gather the necessary information to strategically piece together a program that:

1. Will correct any imbalances you may have due to inflexibility, injury or overuse.

2. Makes you excited to come back to each workout.

3. Utilizes a variety of equipment.

4. And, MOST OF ALL helps you reach your goals (whatever they may be).

Listening to what YOU want is my #1 priority and then I carefully sneak in fun exercises that I KNOW you need (that you don't necessarily know that you need)!

Dave is a perfect example of training for a specific goal. Every March, him and his wife head to Hawaii. His goal is to surf more and more every year . . . bigger and bigger waves. In 2015, he got out on his board a couple of times during their month in Hawaii. This year, he has been in Hawaii for two days and already sent me photos of his surf.

Surfing 2015

Surfing 2015

He texted me, "I was surfing for an hour and a half this morning. The waves were very variable from about 18 inches to over 3 feet. I am totally whipped. My legs are actually tired before my arms, glad I was using the 45 lb kettle bell for my squats."

Since his return from Hawaii in 2015, we have continued to work on core, flexibility, upper body endurance and power and lower body strength. A few months ago, we increased the training to be more 'surf specific'.

Some of Dave's favorite exercises range from:

* MB Slams while balancing on the BOSU

* BOSU Burpees

* "Swimming" against resistance (using a band)

* Well, actually ANY exercise on the BOSU Balance Ball.

Jumps on the BOSU build power in the legs and strength and stability in the core!

Bird Dog on the BOSU builds core stability and strength.

Resistance Band "Swimming". We went 20 seconds at a low resistance to work on upper body endurance. And increased the resistance for 4 "swim strokes" to simulate "catching that wave", to improve power in the upper body.

Well . . . two days into Dave's Hawaii trip, he's out surfing already. Can't wait to keep getting more photos from him!!!

Check out the photos he sent me . . .

We all wipe out . . . at least Mayor Dave gives us a "thumbs up"!

Come and see me for YOUR personal health and fitness goals.

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