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Body Image

As a fitness professional, it's my job to take care of my body and be an example of what "healthy and fit" looks like. I strive to be a positive role model and take a realistic approach to a healthy lifestyle. I'm not into "dieting" nor do I push long, unreasonable hours spent in the gym to get the "perfect body". In fact, I'm not into "perfection" at all . . . What I am into is being the BEST I can be and helping YOU be the BEST that YOU CAN BE!

With this belief, I still find it challenging to look in the mirror or at photos and be satisfied with what I see. My vision and my mind immediately point out all the "imperfections". I start saying to myself, "My thighs are too big to be wearing those shorts; I look "soft" in my midsection; or, my hips are too wide!"

In the following photo, this is what I initially saw:

1. I don't have that "girl" curve you see in all the magazines. I'm pretty much shaped like a rectangle.

2. My thighs are too big and don't have the shape that I want them to have.

In this photo, I immediately saw this:

1. I have a tummy pooch.

2. My butt could look better.

Okay, so you get the idea of this post??? I am no different than anybody else. Even though my job is to encourage people to love the body they have as they move forwards into a healthy lifestyle, I am still challenged to love my body. Society, along with all the editing software out there makes it hard to know what a realistic, healthy body actually looks like. I don't even look at magazines anymore as I know every photo in them is edited. The people aren't real, the framework of the model might be, but they are nipped and tucked to look perfect.

I've been wanting to write this post for awhile now. I just finished a shoot in Sweden, hosting a TV show. A few days I wore some short shorts and I was very self conscious. I had to literally convince myself that I looked fine. I recently saw those photos and again, went directly to "my legs don't look good".

The way I feel about myself improves when I take care of it. When I feed my body right and prioritize my training and workouts, the strength I feel over powers the lack of a positive body image. This post isn't about how I overcame these feelings, because I still have them. Instead, it's to let you know that everyone lacks confidence in their bodies at some point. My personal approach to this challenge is to remind myself that I can always be better, stronger, faster.

Here's to always progressing, never being content, supporting one another and loving yourself in this journey.

From the heart,


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