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Holiday Dazzle: Little Black Dress Project

We just completed a "Ladies Only" 6-week lifestyle challenge on December 17th, 2017. The Holiday Dazzle: Little Black Dress Project was a challenge that encouraged women to pick out a dress they wanted to look and feel great in after 6 weeks of eating healthy and exercising.

This challenge provided grocery lists, meal plans, recipes, motivation, support and one group session per week in the gym. Meal structure and exercise programming were designed to support weight loss and muscle gain within the 6-week program.

Success is defined so differently from person to person. I can proudly say that ALL the women were successful at the end of the 6-weeks. Whether their goal was to lose weight, feel stronger, increase their energy level or improve their sleep, they all reached their goal . . . and then some!

A big 'thank you' to everyone that supported this challenge and these ladies:

Fitness & Sport Evolution Coaches - Heather, Michelle, Kelly

Kind Snacks

Arome - Hood River, OR

Subi - Hood River, OR

Alabaster Purl - Hood River, OR

Skyline Hospital - for the Celebration of YOU! pot-luck location

Strawberry Mt Gym for the group session location

Okay, the moment everyone is waiting for . . . I'd like to share the results from our 6-Week Challenge:

6 Women in 6 Weeks:

Total Inches Lost: At least 41 inches

Total Body Fat Lost: 6.5%

Total Pounds Lost: At least 56 lbs

** 'at least' is because there was one participant whose numbers didn't get in.

Enjoy some photos from our celebration dinner at Skyline Hospital, White Salmon, WA.

Cheers to YOU!

Here's the FSE team that made it all happen!!!

Heather, Michelle and Kelly!

Check out our next challenge - 10-Day Holiday Detox

January 22 - 31st, 2018

We'll be here for YOU next!!!!

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