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Dealing with Injuries

Well, aren’t you lucky…?

Three weeks ago as I sat by the side of the pool with my feet dangling in the water a friendly woman who appeared to be in her late 60’s early 70’s walked by me and climbed slowly down the ladder into the water. She smiled and asked if I minded if we shared a lane.

Much to my daughter’s dismay (a seasoned and successful triathlete) I only swim when I’m injured. So, I associate a workout in the pool with recovery.

As I chatted with the woman, she shared that she had suddenly lost the mobility in her shoulder. She was told she would need surgery for a full recovery. She shook her head and said, “at my age I’m not willing to do that”.

I slowly swam a couple of laps, stopped and she looked at me and in the nicest of ways and said: “I wish I could still do that, aren’t you lucky?”

Sometimes, it’s hard to put things in perspective. As I was dealing with a calf strain which prevented me from running, rowing and lifting I had forgotten to remember all the parts of me that work, including my shoulders which enabled me to swim.

As I reflected on my training and physical work over the past two months, frankly it’s no wonder I was injured. I’m lucky it wasn’t worse.

Even as coaches we need someone to look at us and give us a new perspective. For me it was the chance meeting with the woman at the pool, who was doing her utmost to avoid surgery and stay mobile – and she was doing it with a smile. She enabled me to see one.

Lucky? I certainly am.

I have recovered from my injury with the help of Dr. Sissel Holloway – Hood River Chiropractic. Even as coaches we learn from our injuries.

Research outlines the following strategies for faster recovery;

  1. Modulate your training load

  2. Ramp up rest

  3. Eat clean

  4. Skip the negative influences on your life; yes that’s the news

  5. Ice baths

  6. Mobility

We can help you with the details – we are taking sign ups now for fall sessions @ Fitness and Sport Evolution! Keep an eye out for details regarding our first Running Clinic on October 13th. And, reserve your spot in our Fitness/Movement Assessment/Screening Clinic on September 21st from 8:00 - 9:30 a.m. If you're dealing with nagging injuries, the first place to look is at your movement. Let us help and design a program for your needs. Email us at

See ya in the gym,

Coach Tammy

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