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Remote Training with Coach Tammy

TEAM: A group of individuals with different skills and different tasks, who work together on a common project, service, or goal, with a meshing of functions and mutual support.

This describes the TEAM of coaches here at Fitness & Sport Evolution

So let's shine our spotlight on Coach Tammy Alcott for a moment.

Tammy came to FSE about a year ago. My first interaction with her was via email.

She wrote, "I won a Gift Certificate to one of FSE's HIIT classes, which I am so excited about. Unfortunately, due to my schedule I am not able to participate in them at the time(s) they are offered. So, could you please 're-gift' this certificate to someone you think would really benefit by it? Oh, and I've also attached my resume for coaching in the event that you are ever looking for an extra FSE coach!"

And, the rest is history . . .

Coach Tammy

Tammy specializes in remote training, fitness & movement assessments and kid's programming. She also works one-on-one with clients in our private space.

If you have ever thought about remote training, here is what you can expect to experience:

REMOTE TRAINING & REMOTE TRAINING-PLUS IS a creative way to becoming healthy and strong!

How it works:

Your Goals:

Tammy sits down with you to listen to your strengths, weaknesses, and dreams. We ask questions designed to uncover all of these and more.

Your Assessment:

Your movement patterns will be analyzed based on your Functional Movement Screen. The results from this analysis will be the foundation from which we design your individualized workouts.

Remote client, Chris, stoked about his training with Tammy

Your Training Blocks:

Your plan is built for YOU. Your training will be provided in four-week training blocks, which gives you, the athlete, the opportunity to communicate with Tammy regarding your schedule and any adjustments that need to be made.

Your Workouts:

Your Fitness & Sport Evolution app (free app) on your phone will deliver your workouts to you EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Your choice:

Remote training only: Assessment plus online training

Remote Plus: Assessment, in-person and online training

**** Please email us for a consultation via email or phone and pricing.

Your chance:

Your start on a rewarding journey, including some fun along the way.

Join Tammy or the other FSE coaches as we work with you to give you the tools to reach your goals and change your life!

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