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Running with Colin

My daughter Emily texted me the night before Thanksgiving. “Mom, trail run tomorrow morning at 8:00. Colin will be joining us.” {Colin is Emily’s brother-in-law.}

I gulped.

Although I feel comfortable trail running with my accomplished tri-athlete daughter (she slows way down for me), the words “Colin will be joining us” instantly took me out of my comfort zone.

Colin is a world record-holding explorer and one of the world’s best endurance athletes. His accomplishments include a world first solo crossing of Antarctica, a world first row across Drake Passage, summiting Mt. Everest and setting three mountaineering world records.

You can understand my anxiety.

I almost opted out.

I texted back: “can’t wait”, went through my running clothes to see if I had anything halfway decent to wear (I never buy workout clothes), put my shoes out and got the coffee (strong) ready for the morning.

When we met on the trail, Emily, Colin, and I (along with their two dogs) reviewed our route. I said to Colin, “please feel free to go ahead of me”. “Oh, go ahead Tammy, let’s follow Emily” was his gracious response.

We were having a wonderful conversation about the books we are reading when it happened. I saw the ground coming up fast – it seems to come up faster on a fall than when I was younger. I fell.

And it hurt. And I was embarrassed.

A gloved hand from each of them reached out to help me up. After assurances that I was fine, we headed out for the last half of our run.

Fortunately, all I have to show for my wipe-out is a hefty bruise on my shin.

I have thought a lot about that Thanksgiving early morning run. I have thought about how grateful I am for the beauty of Post Canyon, and for my ability to still run. Perhaps most importantly how a moment in time can remind us that despite our differences in abilities and life experiences we can lend a hand, or be lent a hand as we enjoy adventures together.

Happy Holidays from the coaches at Fitness & Sport Evolution. May you be blessed with opportunities to grow and take them on, full force. If you fall . . . get right back up and finish.

Coach Tammy


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