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Tackling a Beast in Seattle

It's taken me awhile to find some time and collect my thoughts about our latest Spartan race.

On September 11, 2021 we completed our longest race of our 2021 schedule ~ 13 miles and over 30 obstacles ~ the BEAST!

This is the most prepared I have been for our races since we began {over 5 ish years ago} . . . typically, I'd "joke" my way through our Spartan season and say, "yeah, we did a beast race . . . and we didn't even train!" However, the 2021 season has been more than just competing in this years' races. This 2021 season is prep for a BIG race season in 2022. So, I have been taking training pretty seriously this year. Plus, I've had to work through some big injury setbacks.

The Seattle Beast tends to be one of the flattest race courses they have. So, it's really a "runner's race", because you can keep a pretty fast pace due to limited hills {up OR down}.

So, how did it go?

Well, the running felt amazing. I kept a pace that left me feeling like I had "more" at the end. It was a great realization that THIS was a good pace for my Ultra in 2022 . . . So, walking away with that was very helpful.

The obstacles are always different . . . some races have certain obstacles, while others have different ones. So, you never really know what to expect {though they release a map prior to the race, but Nate and I never look at it. Haha}. Plus, you don't know what order the obstacles will be arranged throughout the course.

The Seattle Spartan had a few 'new to us' obstacles which were fun to figure out . . . and they had your typical "monkey bars", rope climbs, water obstacles, bucket carry, etc.

My challenge still lies in the monkey bar obstacles. Though, I have to walk away from this race with a feeling of accomplishment because I "almost" {yes almost} made one of the monkey bars.

We ALL have our challenges. What determines what challenges us MORE than the other person? Why are the "monkey bars" so damn hard for me? Well, here are a few of my take-aways:

#1 - I never really played with the monkey bars as a kid so I didn't get that "learned" movement.

#2 - I don't have very good mobility through my shoulders to allow for "freer movement" on the bar {due to injury AND many years of kayaking}.

#3 - I have a deformed pinky from a past injury {the pinky finger is very important in grip strength}.

BUT, will the reasons stated above make it impossible to EVER do the "monkey bars"???? Hell no . . . if anything, they are just another "bump in the road" to just "throw in the towel" and say, "Yeah, I just can't do the "monkey bars" because . . . . . {reasons stated above}." But, as challenging as it will be to excel at the "monkey bar" obstacles, it's nothing that consistent practice can't help!

So, my take-away from the Seattle Beast . . . There is NEVER . . . NOT EVER . . . any reason why you should say "I can't" . . . when you really want something! Because, if you want it bad enough . . . you will find a way . . . and you will make it happen!" AND . . . HAVE FUN!!!!! {Which you can see by some of the pics that we do!!!!}

Here's to our next Spartan race . . . count-down 3 weeks . . . Arizona HERE WE COME!



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