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You MUST eat breakfast? True or False?

Words from Coach Tammy . . .

Here’s an axiom that’s questionable. You must eat a big breakfast. So you prepare it, eat it and wonder why you did. You weren’t hungry.

According to Dr. Fung’s writing found in the Obesity Code, eating a big breakfast can trick the body into thinking it needs more food throughout the day. And the calories add up sooner than you might like. So, on top of a frustrating start to the day you have a mess to clean up!

Here’s an axiom that’s worth listening to and living by. It’s worked for me.

"Eat when you are hungry."

It’s perfectly fine to wait to eat until you are hungry in the morning. I have naturally done this and it’s worked well for me.

After a morning mobility session and workout of the day I can’t wait to have a healthy protein shake with some spinach and blueberries mixed in. It’s easy, it tastes good (usually) and no mess to clean up!

A salad with protein later in the morning – (I’m a retired teacher, I’m used to eating lunch at 10:30)!!!!!

A well-rounded dinner with veggies and protein and call it a day.

Simple and fun. Eat when you are hungry – it might be easier than you think!

If you need more guidance and support on healthy eating habits, the coaches at Fitness & Sport Evolution can help.

Coach Tammy


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