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Strength Training for Runners or Bikers


The Spring and Summer months mean the start of "fun runs", obstacle course races, 1/2 and full marathons, bike races, triathlons and more . . . whatever level you are, there is something for everyone.  


Fitness & Sport Evolution FSE) knows how important it is for YOU to run/bike "pain-free".  Feeling those 'aches and pains' is NOT 'just a part of training'.  I hear it all the time, "My knee is really sore and my lower back aches, but it's just because I'm training so hard!"  It DOESN'T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY!  Pain and soreness does not symbolize toughness!  You don't have to hurt or be sore to feel like you're pushing your body.  


Whether you are starting a running/biking program TODAY for the first time OR you are an experienced runner/biker, FSE can help you be your BEST.


This program will focus on and provide you with:

1.  Different exercises dependant on "off season" or "race season" time of year.

2.  Strength Training exercises for "in gym" or "at home".

3.  Plyometric Exercises IF and WHEN your body is capable of this training. (Advanced training)

4.  Posterior chain (glutes) and Core Stability programming.

5.  Hip Mobilty programming.

6.  Emphasis on hip flexibility.


****  FSE will focus on Stability, Mobility, Flexibility, Strength and Power for this programming and not your specific, actual running/biking program.


Building a strong foundation with stability, mobility, strength and flexibility WILL allow you to perform "pain-free" and make you feel strong with every stride that you take.  Let me know you get there . . . 



Rates can be found here.  Online coaching is available as well.  


***  Please add 7% tax to the price.  Cash/Check are encouraged.  CC's are accepted, but a 2.3% processing fee will be added to your total.

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