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Who is Heather?

Heather Herbeck is the owner and head trainer of Fitness & Sport Evolution.  With 20+ years in the Fitness and Sport performance business, both as an athlete and trainer/coach, Heather has a wealth of knowledge to motivate and help the beginner exerciser through professional athlete.

Heather has always been passionate about being the best athlete she can be and promoting health in her lifestyle.  Her fitness/sport background really took off when she was offered a basketball scholarship at a private 2-year college in her hometown.  She declined the scholarship to pursue her desire for running and fitness.  Through her college years, studying Exercise Science, she trained hard in the gym and competed in track. Her knowledge base with fitness, sport and movement grew with her experience working as an assistant in the athletic training room and physical therapy clinics in California and Minnesota.


​Upon graduating, Heather returned home to MN and continued her fitness experience as a personal trainer and eventually as the fitness director of a large YMCA.  Here she ran the personal training, fitness and aerobic department.

In 2003, Heather and her husband moved to the West Coast.  After 8 years of training out of a local gym, Heather took the step and started her own business - Fitness and Sport Evolution (2013).

Heather continues to train clients full-time and personally train herself in mt. biking, whitewater kayaking and weight lifting.

BA in Exercise Science - Vanguard University 1998

YMCA Fitness Specialist

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

ACE Nutrition Specialist

Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach

Health & Fitness Professional for over 18+ years





Who is Kelly?

Kelly Wood is a valuable tool to the success of Fitness & Sport Evolution (FSE).  Kelly has been working alongside Heather, in the client role, for over 6+ years.  Kelly has her personal training certification through the American Council on Exercise.  

FSE truly believes in the impact Kelly can make on your life.  Kelly believes she is just like everyone else when it comes to the gym, as far as understanding the struggles and the 'ups and downs' that go along with training to be a better YOU.  She wants to share her passion for health, fitness and improved confidence, as well as her experience with you.  Kelly is ready to be the support and motivation that you need!

With her experience training with Heather and her willingness to learn and become a trainer that people can relate to, Kelly is a valuable piece to the FSE team.  Contact FSE to schedule with her today.







Who is Tammy?

Tammy has spent the last 30 plus years as a coach and physical education teacher.  Having recently retired from teaching, Tammy co-founded

"Fit Kids Fit Future"; a company dedicated to improving health and physical education curricula in schools by providing students the foundation for lifelong fitness, mobility, healthy habits, and goal setting.

Tammy’s coaching experience ranges from personal training to coaching at the high school and the collegiate levels. At the collegiate level, she has worked as an assistant cross-country coach (Utica College, NY) as well as an assistant soccer coach (Hamilton College, Colgate University). She has also led multiple high school teams to conference and sectional championships in both basketball and soccer. A native of Upstate NY, Tammy has developed and led a training program which has coached over 100 runners, of varying athletic backgrounds and goals, to compete in the Utica Boilermaker 15K, the largest 15K in the world.

Having worked with athletes of all ages and abilities, Tammy’s passion is in designing and delivering high quality training that meets her clients at their personal fitness level.  Contagiously optimistic, Tammy finds a careful balance of being her athlete’s biggest cheerleader while still holding them to high but achievable standards. Her goal at Fitness and Sport Evolution is to help people move better and feel better. In her free time you
will find her running through the mountains in Hood River and chasing her grandchildren.  Email FSE today to schedule with Tammy.


Recent Racing career highlights:
Shamrock Run, 5KRace, Age Group Award Winner, 2017
Utica Boilermaker 5K Race, Age Group award Winner, 2016, 2014
Utica Boilermaker 15k race, Age Group Award Winner, 2011
Cazenovia Triathlon, Age Group Award Winner, 2009

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