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Fitness and Sport Evolution caters to YOU.  Whether you’re a professional athlete, a recreationalist or ready to start an exercise program for the first time . . . reaching your goal is important.

Change doesn't happen overnight.  Getting FIT and HEALTHY is a process.  It might seem overwhelming at first.  The trick is to ease into it.  One little step at a time.  If you build your fitness slowly, it won't feel like punishment.  In my opinion, people's "over motivation" and "over ambition" kills them.  Nobody can be superhuman EVERYDAY!

Fitness & Sport Evolution (FSE) has strategically designed programming that focuses on supporting you in your health & fitness goals while being conscious of your limitations (whether it be time, aches, pains, weaknesses, etc) and helping you celebrate your strengths.  The FSE coaches design programming and provide the support to help you create your own discipline, knowledge and confidence to keep going and being successful.

When you commit and begin your journey, you will build the momentum that helps you build new and healthier habits and becomes your "new norm".



We get REAL results!

Fitness and Sport Evolution specializes in both fitness training and sports coaching and conditioning. We are located out of the Columbia River Gorge.


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