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Results from prior Challenges . . . 

"28-Day Total Body Transformation Challenge"

October 2nd - 31st, 2017

Fitness & Sport Evolution (FSE) is providing you with a 4-Week Challenge that will change your LIFE!  This challenge is designed to help you change your life and reach your goals with INTENTION!

By following this strategic plan for the 4 weeks, you will boost your metabolism, eliminate sugar cravings and rid your body of unwanted fat!


Here’s a quick snapshot of some of the other benefits that this challenge will help provide you with:


  1. Naturally balance blood sugar and helps eliminate cravings

  2. Supports hormone production and rebalancing

  3. Improves brain health and help protect against dementia and other disorders

  4. Improves memory and clear brain fog

  5. Improves digestion

  6. Increases energy levels

  7. Improves fertility

  8. Improves quality of sleep

  9. Decreases anxiety and mood swings

The support you will get during the challenge from FSE:

1.  A SUCCESS manual prior to the challenge . . . to give you a descriptive overview of what to expect.  

2.  Grocery list with Whole Foods . . . if it comes in a box, you won't be finding it on the grocery list!!!

3.  Education about healthy foods, sugar, fats, hydration, etc.

4.  Private 28-Day Transformation FB Group page to connect with one another.

5.  Information on how to personalize your own food plan.

6.  Information on how to "detox"

7.  Daily Inspirational and motivational emails

8.  Healthy Recipes

9.  Dining out guide

10.  One group training session a week during the challenge.  I encourage you to participate in the group sessions during the challenge, as we will be doing MOST of the workouts using gym equipment.  So, for the duration of the challenge, you will need to join the 24/7 Strawberry Mt Gym.  Details on membership rates HERE!

If you choose not to join the gym, you can perform these exercises in your home (if you have the equipment or your local gym).  But, these sessions are GREAT accountability "check-ins", too!  So, I encourage you to join us!!!!

11.  And, much, much, much more!!!!


4 weeks of education, inspiration and guidance  $135 (tax included).  Click HERE to get yourself registered.  7-14 days before the challenge begins you will receive your SUCCESS manual to get yourself ready for the 4 weeks!!!

This Challenge is for EVERYONE . . . 


We all need motivation at some point!!!

"The 12 week challenge has been life changing for me.  With Heather’s support and my hard work I feel so much better about my body and myself.  I wanted change and the 12 weeks of dedication gave me the time necessary to really see the results. 

12 weeks is a long time, ¼ of a year in fact, something to write home about, and something to be proud of.  The 12 week challenge is ambitious, hard, trying and everything in between, both physically and mentally.  The highs were high and the lows were just that, but I had a great support system with the group and Heather on my side.  I have learned so much about myself and my body through the 12 weeks and I had so much fun.  I know how much water, food, sleep and exercise I need to feel and look healthy.  I went into this challenge thinking 6 weeks, whew, I can do that!  Then, I extended to the 12 week challenge and had to mentally adapt and realize there is no finish to this journey.  It is hard to balance the life I was living before the challenge and the life I was living during the challenge but it goes right back to the quote:

Instead of saying: “I don’t have time/I can’t.”  Try saying, “It’s not a priority.” and see how that feels.

The 12 week challenge has been life changing for me.  With Heather’s support and my hard work I feel so much better about my body and myself.  I wanted change and the 12 weeks of dedication gave me the time necessary to really see the results.

There is no finish line……..  Kelly Morrison


There is no guarantee that you will lose the amount of weight you hope to.  I have found with these challenges in the past, that the more you commit 100% to the meal plan AND the exercise programming, the better the results.  Before signing up for this challenge, ask yourself, "are you ready to commit FULLY to your exercise program AND meal plan?"  I don't expect PERFECTION every single day, but what you're investing into this challenge, I expect that you work your hardest at following the food suggestions and exercise programming that I give you.  You want different results then where you are right now?  Then you have to change things . . . Don't expect to lose weight or body fat when you only put 1/2 the effort in.

Email Me for details or with any questions

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