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Are you Ready to get rid of that muffin top?  Or COVID gut?  Want to show some more skin this summer?  Have more confidence?  Or, just have more energy to enjoy summertime adventures?

Summer Shred:  6-Week Lifestyle & Weight Loss Program

Dates:  TBD

Change doesn't happen overnight.  Getting FIT and HEALTHY is a process.  Let this program BEGIN your process.

Fitness & Sport Evolution (FSE) is providing you with a 6-Week Program that will change your LIFE!  This challenge is designed to help you reach your health & fitness goals, whether they are weight loss, fat loss or building healthier lifestyle habits, through GREAT NUTRITION and EFFECTIVE EXERCISE PROGRAMMING!

By following this strategic plan for the 6 weeks, you will boost your metabolism, eliminate sugar cravings and rid your body of unwanted fat!

Beyond results on the scale, here are some of the other benefits you should start to notice over the 6-weeks:


  • More balanced blood sugar levels

  • Better sleep (fall asleep faster and have more restful sleep)

  • More balanced hormone levels

  • Better brain health - will help protect against dementia and other disorders

  • Improved memory and clearing of brain fog

  • More regulated digestion

  • Enhanced ability for your body to naturally “detox” itself

  • Increased energy

  • Improvements in your mood (less anxiety and depression)

  • and that’s just to name a few!

The support you will get during this program:

1.  A SUCCESS manual prior to the challenge . . . to give you a descriptive overview of what to expect.  

2.  Grocery list with Whole Foods . . . if it comes in a box, you won't be finding it on the grocery list!!!

3.  Education about healthy foods, sugar, fats, hydration, etc.

4.  TEMPORARY ACCESS to Fitness & Sport Evolution's PRIVATE {client only} FB group page.  Here you will connect with "like-minded" individuals, find even MORE support, guidance and education and sometimes find the "tough love" that you need to be successful. 

5.  Information on how to personalize your own food plan.

6.  Information on how to "detox".  The liver does a great job at detoxing on a daily basis, but we include a little "detox cleanse" that just helps support the work of the liver to eliminate and function more effectively.

7.  Daily Inspirational and motivational emails

8.  Healthy Recipes 

9.  FSE has worked with certified dietitians to create meal plans specific to the goals of this challenge.

10. Strategic 30-minute workouts to help YOU lose weight and feel great {on a time crunch}!  Structured for the entire 6 weeks 








Limited Spots Available . . . Register TODAY!


 $299 {$50/week}


*  6-Weeks of Education, inspiration, guidance and support

*  Meals, recipes and grocery lists

*  Quick & Effective 30-minute At Home Workouts

*  6-week Calendar for a balanced exercise program for weight loss:  Cardiovascular training, Strength training and Flexibility training.  Minimal equipment needed. 


7-14 days before the challenge begins you will receive your SUCCESS manual to get yourself ready for the 6 weeks!!!

This Challenge is for EVERYONE . . . 


We all need motivation at some point!!!












Client Feedback about FSE Challenges:

3-Week Weight Loss Program:

"Ok…this is the ultimate compliment to YOU and me…My husband, who does not hand out undeserved compliments, whom also thought I already looked fine…Said, "OMG this is absolutely the best I’ve ever seen you look and you already looked great to me!!!"

My response:
“Just wait for when I hit my goals and that this is a lifetime job and life”…
He said to tell you it’s showing!!!
Thanks Heather!!!
~ Anonymous

"The first day I met you, when we did my assessment, I was 125 lbs... I’m now 117!!! Thank you so much Heather! You rock! A year ago I weighed 132 lbs even prego I never weighed that much!!! I’m so happy!!! I can’t even tell you!!!🤗🎉😘"
~ Anonymous

4-Week Transformation Challenge:

"The 28 day transformation was a wonderful success for me.  No alcohol for 4 weeks and clean eating.  I felt the best I had in years, the last 2 weeks of the challenge.  The food was good, some of it was really good and surprising at how simple most recipes were.  Everything is laid out for you, including a grocery list.  The challenge takes all the thought out of what you are going to eat.  I was in a total rut before.  I would recommend this to anyone looking to get a start on their nutrition and wanting to feel better from the inside out.  It is SO worth it!!"

~ Kelly



"The 6 week challenge incorporated everything I needed to start getting my health and fitness in check.  It incorporated a work out plan designed for me, nutrition plan, weekly check in/accountability, group support, and trainer support to say the least.  I not only see Heather as my coach and trainer but she is my rock, a great friend, and unending support.  For me, having everything all lined out is amazing, I just have to follow and trust in the plan.  I can attest the plan works, but it is NOT easy.  I think the thing I said the most, “Sometimes I just can’t believe it’s this hard.”  I was ready to give it my all and am proud of what I accomplished in the 6 weeks.  There were many ups and downs on the journey and I was able to talk them through with the group and Heather, I was very grateful for their support.  The 6 week challenge is a great place to start forming healthier tendencies and habits for life."  

~ Anonymous

"Once again another awesome experience with Heather. This is the third challenge I have done now and I learn new things each time and gain added resources and tools to use as I continue on with my journey.

Thank you, Heather and Michelle, for your support as well as everyone else in the group!!!!

Also wanted you to know, I had an appointment with my Doctor and the Dietician in her office. My labs are great and I am down 12 lbs from my last visit. Also I shared with my Dietician the meal plans I have been using from Heather's programs and she thought they were great. She said it sounded like I didn't need any further support from her.

You are AWESOME, FSE!!!!"

~ Michelle

Real Results, from Real People. 

No Photoshopping here!

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