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My top 10 Rules for LIFE . . .

Everyone has different priorities or circumstances in life that won't support my "top 10 rules for life" . . . and, that's okay . . . because, these are MY "top 10 rules" that I've found work for ME to help in my success leading a healthy, fit life and a successful business.

1. Listen to your INNER VOICE. Your intuition is powerful.

2. Don't be fooled that there is a "cookie-cutter" approach or "look" to being successful. Everyone's success is different . . . and looks different. Don't compare yourself (even though it's easy to do in a world that is so dependent on Social Media and living that "perfect" life).

3. Make things happen . . . don't approach your life in hopes that SOMETHING will come to you. YOU go and FIND it!

4. Don't feel the need to please everyone, just to be accepted and loved! Some relationships are worth it, others are not. The most important person to please is YOURSELF.

5. Follow the things that YOU are passionate about . . . how "other's" think you should live might not be the best for you.

6. When life throws us curve balls (for example, a crush, a new love, a new job, etc) DON'T change your FOCUS or PASSION. Why give up on YOU if this "new love" might just be a temporary thing.

7. Write your Eulogy . . . this might sound weird, but live your life how you want to be written about and remembered when you are gone.

8. It's what you do 85% of the time. We can't be PERFECT 100% of our days on earth. When you miss a workout or crash that healthy eating plan, move on and re-commit yourself to how you want to live.

9. Discipline yourself. You won't succeed if you don't have discipline. It's vital in your success and isn't EASY . . . but, how do you expect to BETTER yourself if you find those "easy outs" all the time and give yourself permission to have "excuses". Come on . . . you're better than that!

10. Be a DREAMER. Imagine ANYTHING you want and then go get it or do it! If you believe it, you achieve it!

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